10 Marketing Podcast Episodes You Should Listen to

Simbar Dube
8 min readJul 1, 2020


Recently I picked this new hobby of binging marketing podcasts every single day. At first, it was a way of trying to avoid lockdown boredom, but it ended up being a regular in my everyday to-do list.

The more I inhaled different podcasts is the more I started to realize that there’s nothing to lose by making podcasts a part of my regular lifestyle — but essentially everything to gain.

So far it has been truly amazing -you’d be surprised by the amount of expert knowledge you can get from these audio chunks.

So whether you’re keeping up with marketing trends, searching for the latest marketing tools to use, or even just looking to learn some new conversion rate tactics and practices, there is always a podcast out there for you.

As a marketer who’s always working on improving his marketing skills, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite marketing podcast episodes that stood out to me.

Sorry to plug you to my own personal taste, but generally I think you will also find value in listening to these knowledge bombs.

1. 3 Steps to Repurposing Your Content For Every Channel

Why is it most content marketing strategies do not work? How do you research your channels well and understand the nuances of each channel? How do you write emails that will compel people to share with their friends? Why you should focus on direction instead of speed in the world of content marketing? How do you promote your content in different channels using different formats?

Harry Dry — founder of Marketing Examples — answered all of the above questions when he appeared as a guest in one of Everyone Hates Marketers ‘ recent episodes. In this episode, Harry also shares the practical process he uses to repurpose content on different channels. After listening to this episode, I dare you to share your content the same way you used to do before inhaling this episode.

Episode duration: 53 minutes.

2. Building an Audience Before Your Digital Product Launches

Just like many other marketers, I used to think that product development should always come before the marketing of the product. My understanding was; it’s nearly impossible to market something which doesn’t exist?

But one Saturday morning, my perspective changed altogether after listening to Dave Gerhardt explaining how they successfully built an audience for Drift before they had a product. In this episode of the Better Product podcast, you will learn how Dave focused his content to serve their future product users. I recommend that you take a listen if you feel like you’re fighting a product feature war or just struggling with marketing in general.

Episode duration: 30 minutes.

3. Are you known for Something Specific in your Biz? If not, here’s what to do

I know you love and adore that product you have created, but is it selling or connecting with consumers as you might have expected? Which differentiation attribute do you own in your business? If you ask your customers what you are known for, what’s their response? Can you name that one thing that attracts customers to you effortlessly and grows your business with ease?

The insights shared by Amy Porterfield in this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast will show you the secret sauce that will help you figure out a game plan for what you want to be known for in your business. I get it…pivoting your business might sound like a risky ballgame -but if done right, it will help your businesses grow to new heights.

Episode duration: 30 minutes

4. How to turn your Customer Success Story into a Case Study that sells

Nothing converts like a solid customer success story. A case study is a potent marketing tool that you can use to upsell or to win back leads that might have disappeared on you. The only problem with case studies is that they are way harder to do than people expect. I mean, how do you converse with clients to get success stories? How do you analyze and dive deep into the data to tell a great customer story? And once you have one, how do you use it to drive leads and sales?

In this episode of the Innovabuzz Podcast , Joel Klettke — founder of Business Casual Copywriting — shares a powerful, repeatable process for capturing and sharing customer success stories. According to Joel, there is something you should be doing before you even ask anyone to particip ate in your case study (you’ll have to listen to hear what he said). Even if you haven’t spoken to a client in a while, Joel shares insightful tips on how to have proper conversations with clients to get success stories.

Episode duration: 66 minutes

5. Crafting Perfect Subject lines

I know you might not agree with this: but sometimes I think the subject line of your email can be even more important than the email copy itself. Think about how many subject lines you read every day while skimming your inbox. What makes you actually click on a particular email and read it? Usually, it’s the captivating and engaging subject line — we all judge emails by their subject lines.

So if you want to jazz up your subject lines and boost your emails’ open rate and engagement, take a listen to Talia Wolf and Action Driven Podcast Ross Simmonds in this episode of the as they share 8 of their favorite formulas that always make their email content opened, read, and clicked. What I like the most about this episode is there’s no fluff or BS, just 15 minutes of great value.

Episode duration: 15 minutes

6. Using Underlying Psychology to Create a UX that Sells

This may look like favoritism because Khalid is my boss, but once you listen to this episode of The In Search SEO Podcast, you will understand why I had to include it. Understanding how people interact with your product and how their decisions can be influenced or can be manipulated is a topic that you should know as a marketer.

Khalid throws in a lot of examples/stories that will help know how to speak user psychology with your User Experience (UX) in order to boost sales. He also shows you how to drill deep into the user mindset and build UX that aligns with it. The advice that Khalid shares will help know how to make your UX send messages, this episode is a must-listen.

Episode duration: 69 minutes

7. How Marketers Can Build Better Relationships

We all know that at its core, marketing is all about good communication. And good communication leads to better relationships. You may be saying to yourself, “ That’s obvious. Of course, I build relationships with my customers .” But this is one of those things that are easier said than done. Creating relationships is a must-do for all marketers who intend to build successful brands, but it’s the most difficult thing to master.

So, how do you do it? In this episode of the co-founder of Contactually, Growth Marketing Toolbox, the Zvi Band shares great tactics that you can use to improve your networking as a marketer. The practical tips that Zvi shares are tried-and-true tips that have benefited and grew his company to eight figures in revenue. While listening to this particular episode, I learned that building relationships is just like watching grass grow — you can’t see anything happening but one day you will wake up to a beautiful lawn.

Episode duration: 28 minutes

8. Why Happy Customers are the Ultimate Growth Hack

This sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But allow me to ask you this question: What is the secret to customer happiness? I have come across people who struggle to answer this question, and most marketers are still pondering on the secret behind their customers’ happiness. Nowadays, customers are so demanding, their happiness is non-negotiable.

In this episode of the co-founder of Growth Hacking Podcast , the Els Aerts AGConsult, , says that retention and growth go hand in hand, but the problem is that too many companies forget about their existing customer base. You have to listen to this episode if you want to know about the exact types of questions you should ask your customers when you intend to create a product or service that is irresistible.

Episode duration: 29 minutes

9. How to Persuade: The Science Marketers Need to Know

Do you want to persuade more people to take action? Of course, you do…who doesn’t? Show me one business that is surviving without having to persuade people to buy their product or service and I will show you a bunch of liars. If you can’t persuade, you can’t sell, and if you can’t sell, your business will not be sustainable.

In this episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast, Jonah Berger — a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School — shares the five key barriers marketers face when trying to persuade someone to do business with them and explains how to use these barriers for customer-centric marketing that produces results.

Episode duration: 45 minutes

10. The Biggest Mistake Made In Marketing

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the world’s most established and successful brands are guilty of this too. But some marketing mistakes are more expensive than others. If you do not know the biggest blunders you have to avoid as a marketer, you’re more likely to make one or two -and that is something that can cost you your reputation as a marketer or as a brand.

The co-author of Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, Christopher Lockhead, joins the host of the Marketing Over Coffee — John Wall — to discuss the costly and embarrassing blunders that marketers have to avoid. In this episode, Chris also throws in some interesting political marketing fails that you should learn from.

Episode duration: 35 minutes


Marketing podcasts are there to be enjoyed while you’re out driving, going for a jog, or walking your dog. I personally believe that most of the advice shared in the episodes above should be a permanent part of every marketer’s playbook. I’m dead serious about this. Do you have your own favorite marketing podcast episodes I should listen to? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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